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In 1973, Blane Scott Hawkins was teaching machine shop at Lafayette Vocational and Franklin County High School. Looking for a way to increase his income, Scott purchased 6 pieces of early 1900’s equipment from a retiring tool maker. With little more than a high school education, Scott got his start as a tool maker from 1961-1969 while working for Central Screw Co. and Roll Forming Corp. Applying his background in tool making, Scott felt this part time job would help support his wife and two small children. Within 6 months he realized the potential, quit teaching, and started operating the business full time as Capital City Machine and Welding. The very next year he had two employees and had taken on a partner.


In 1979 the company was incorporated and the name changed to Capital City Tool, Inc. This was also when Scott landed his first production work from Reliance Electric Co. The new work required additional space, and in 1980 Capital City Tool moved into a new 4,000 SQ FT facility, and was employing around 20 people.

Scott understood times were changing, and in 1981 he took the risk of investing in his first CNC Lathe and undertook another 3,500 SQ FT expansion. Shortly after these expansions in 1982, Scott would come to a crossroad with his partner. Both men had differing views as to the future of Capital City Tool. The decision was made and Scott bought out his partner and proceeded in moving away from Tool and Die and into production machining. During the remainder of the 80’s the company continued to thrive and included another 1,000 SQ Ft expansion. Scott offered a minority interest in the company to two key employees through profit sharing; both employees are still with Capital City Tool today as our Production Supervisors.

The risks and investments thus far, built a strong foundation for future growth through acquisition. The first was in 1990 when Georgetown Metal was purchased. This acquisition brought new capabilities to the company with screw machining and centerless grinding. By this time, the company had expanded with over 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space and approximately 40 employees. In 1994, Scott’s son Blane joined the business upon graduating college. Blane spent much of his youth on the manufacturing floor running various machines gaining knowledge and experience, and as such became an invaluable asset.


By 1995 Capital City Tool had outgrown its current building with no room to expand. Scott purchased 4 acres of industrial land, and in December of 1995 Capital City Tool, Inc. (CCT) moved into a new 31,000 SQ FT facility. A couple of years later, Reliance Electric Co., one of the oldest customers relocated to Tennessee. In order to service their needs a satellite facility was opened in Crossville, TN. After operating out of two locations for several years the Tennessee location was sold to the employee managing that facility. The second acquisition in the 90’s took place in 1999 when the Webster Fuel Pump division of Webster Electric was purchased. This acquisition gave Capital City Tool, Inc. a product to market, as well as all the manufacturing and assembly that it required. With the addition of Webster pumps CCT had to once again expand and a 12,000 SQ FT addition was completed in 2000.


After 30 years of hard work and dedication in 2003 Scott decided to step down as president and retire from CCT. His son Blane would then take over and continue in his father’s footsteps striving to make CCT one of the biggest and best CNC manufacturing facilities in the southeast. Since that time, CCT has expanded with new, more efficient CNC machines, manufacturing software for job tracking capabilities, networking of all machines for work instructions, work cell implementation for increased efficiencies, and reorganization of floor space for better work flow. With all this hard work and improvements, CCT has seen growth that has taken them from a one man part time shop in a 1,500 SQ FT garage to over 90 employees, 60,000+ SQ FT, and a leader in CNC production manufacturing.

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