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Capital City Tool takes pride in its Quality system, with on the floor inspection on all shifts, you can rest assured that your job will meet or exceed all specifications.  Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system encompasses receipt, identification, stocking and issue of parts and material; and the entire process of fabrication and manufacturing, packaging, storage and shipping.  This system is designed to provide for early detection of descrepancies and positive corrective action.

All measuring and testing devices that are necessary to assure materials and parts conform to technical requirements are maintained by the Quality Department.  Records of calibration and the methods used are maintained and kept on file by the Quality Manager according to our ISO certification and quality manual.  Records are updated on a scheduled basis.

All parts are assembled and/or manufactured to customer drawings and specifications.  The Quality Manager is responsible for the issue and control of drawings and specifications.  In addition, the Quality Manager ensures that the correct revisions of drawings are being used for assembly, manufacturing, and inspection.

Certifications for both in-house and outside processes such as plating and heat treating are kept on file and are available upon request.

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